Transfer your old cine film onto DVD, with or without sound

We transfer all popular cine film sizes 8mm,super8mm, 9.5 mm  See our pricing policy and if you have the time, take a look at our demo pages

8mm and Super 8mm  film are done using the DV Sniper Pro  made by movie stuff.  We have included a link to allow you to see the quality of our equipmet .9.5 mm is done using a dedicated moviestuff projector.

Standard 8mm, Super 8mm, 9.5mm


In all systems the transferred film is loaded into a computer and edited to produce a good finished film. At this point any titles are added or basic colour correction made and music is added. We then transfer the images to DVD and print the label before putting it in a case to return to you along with your original films.
tts 8 and super 8
Normally we create an MPEG DVD but can return it in AVI format should you wish to edit your own films.


We prefer payment by Paypal 0r we can take credit cards directly over the phone .

When your work is complete we will send you a   invoice so that you can pay

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